Consultant Urologist at both The Duchy and Royal Cornwall Hospitals. Matt Hotston Consultant Urologist

The Cornwall Urologist - Matt Hotston

Providing specialist urology services for private patients at The Duchy Hospital, Cornwall. This includes managing bladder and prostate problems, investigating blood in the urine and a raised PSA, kidney stone treatment, and common scrotal & foreskin conditions.

Mr Matt Hotston is a Consultant Urologist at both The Duchy Hospital and Royal Cornwall Hospital.

He has extensive experience in treating men with prostate-related problems with the minimally invasive daycase procedure called Urolift, as seen on BBC Spotlight and described in Cornwall Living magazine.

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The Urolift Procedure

This is a ‘NICE approved’ minimally invasive alternative to medication or invasive surgery for men with prostate-related urinary symptoms. This is suitable for men who are having worsening waterworks symptoms related to an enlarged prostate that do not wish to be on lifelong medication, suffering with side effects from medication, or do not wish to have an invasive operation.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, commonly with some sedation, taking 10-15minutes, and all men go home the same day. There is no effect on sexual function, and no risk of scar formation, as opposed to the traditional inpatient ‘TURP’. Matt set up this service in 2017, and has performed this successful procedure on nearly 100 patients. He has developed an online video on this, has provided regular seminars for the public and GPs, and been interviewed for BBC Spotlight and Cornwall Living Magazine.

Services Provided

Mr Matt Hotston can provide private consultations, investigations, and treatment of a wide range of urological conditions.

Urinary symptoms related to bladder and prostate problems

  • Lifestyle / medication advice
  • Urolift procedure
  • TURP operation / treatment of catheterised patients
  • UTIs & bladder stones

Investigation and management of blood in the urine & raised PSA

Kidney stone treatment (including laser surgery)

Scrotal and foreskin complaints

  • Hydrocoeles/epididymal cysts/vasectomy
  • Circumcision/frenuloplasty

Bladder cancer surgery (TURBT)